St Anselm's: Minister

Our most recent minister at St Anselm's was the Rev Geraldine Coats.
Geraldine is an ordained minister of the Associated Churches of Christ (now known as the Christian Churches New Zealand). One of the main reasons the Associated Churches of Christ was founded in the early 1800s was to break down denominational barriers which had developed between the churches. St Anselm's had its beginnings as The Terrace Congregational Church which had founding principles similar to the Associated Churches of Christ. These philosophies fit well with Geraldine's ethos and that of St Anselm's.
Geraldine advocates the ministry of all believers which encourages the working together of all Christians in establishing the Kingdom of God, which she understands as a world of peace and justice for all. She is comfortable in being called a progressive Christian.
On a personal level Geraldine is interested in social justice issues, ecumenism, developing an understanding of other faiths and cultures, reading, walking, live theatre, films and world travel.
The St Anselm's congregation is searching for another "Geraldine" or a minister with many similarities.
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